Commit 6d9f46a6 authored by Arthur Le Bars's avatar Arthur Le Bars
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added explicit link to organism page for now

parent 4b3db540
......@@ -274,10 +274,10 @@
<div class="tripal-organism-teaser-title tripal-teaser-title">
<p class='data_highlight'>
print "<i><a href=".$GLOBALS['base_url']."/organism/".$org->genus."/".$org->species."></i>"; /* added explicit link to organism */
print "<i><a href=".$GLOBALS['base_url']."/organism/".$org->genus."/".$org->species."></a></i>"; /* added explicit link to organism, link not appearing was probably due to some workflow that wasn't launched in galaxy */
if (strtolower($org->common_name) != strtolower($org->genus[0].$org->species))
print " $org->genus $org->species ($org->common_name)";
<div class="tripal-organism-teaser-text tripal-teaser-text"><?php
......@@ -354,7 +354,7 @@
<div class="tripal-analysis-blast-teaser-title tripal-teaser-title">
<?php /* removed span, added placeholder link */
if ($an->human_kind == 'functional') {
print "Functional annotation: <a href=".$GLOBALS['base_url'].'/jbrowse/'.">".$an->name."</a>";
print "Functional annotation: <a href=".$GLOBALS['base_url'].$an->name.">".$an->name."</a>";
else if ($an->human_kind == 'structural') {
print "Structural annotation: <a href=".$GLOBALS['base_url'].'/jbrowse/'.">".$an->name."</a>";
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